Libertex Trading F.A.Q.

Libertex Trading F.A.Q.


What is a multiplier?

A multiplier is a factor that increases both your potential profit and risks .

Let’s assume you buy EUR/USD, your investment amount is $50, and your multiplier is 100. In this case, your investment amount will go up 100 times, and so will the profit ($50 x 100 = $5,000).

With a multiplier, you can trade big, even with a modest account balance.

Important Note: Both your potential profit and loss change proportionally to the selected multiplier. This is why, for novice traders, we recommend using a minimal multiplier of 1, in order to avoid risks in an unfavorable market situation.

What minimal amount is required to start trading?

A minimum amount for a single trade is $10. However, the more money you have in your account, the more trading opportunities open before you.

How do I use Stop Loss?

In your Libertex trading window:

1. Enter your trade amount and the multiplier value, and then click on Stop Loss/ Take Profit .
2. Tick the Stop Loss checkbox to activate the field.

Enter the loss amount. In the event of unfavorable price fluctuation, your trade will close automatically as soon as your selected price level has been reached.

How do I use Take Profit?

In your Libertex trading window:

1. Enter your trade amount and the multiplier value, and then click on Stop Loss/ Take Profit
2. Tick the profit checkbox to activate the field.
Enter the profit amount. When it is reached, your trade will close automatically.

How do I monitor my earnings?

To view your earnings from open trades, go to Trades and select Active.
To view your earnings from closed trades, go to Trades and select Closed.

What is Trading Fee and how is it charged?

A trading fee or commission is a small amount the broker charges for performing your transaction. The exact amount depends on the asset and is shown in the trade window, so that you know it upfront. A trading fee is charged on every $1,000 invested.

Let’s assume you open a buy trade in gold. If the applicable trading fee is $0.014, this means that you will pay just $0.014 if you invest $1,000, and your multiplier is 1. Accordingly, your trading fee will be $0.028 if your multiplier is 2.

When do markets open and close?

Financial markets are open 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays).
There are four major regional markets: Australia, Asia, Europe, and Americas.
Trading sessions open at 23:00 GMT Sunday in Japan and close at 22:00 GMT Friday in the US.

Why can’t I trade on weekends and holidays?

You cannot trade on weekends and statutory holidays because banks and stock exchanges are closed.

How risky is mock trading?

A Demo or mock account is very similar to a live trading account, except that you don’t take any risks while trading in a demo mode. A demo account provides:

  • Free registration
  • Unlimited operation period
  • $50,000 in virtual credits ($5,000 in a mobile app and $45,000 on the web platform). This money is not yours to withdraw from the account, but the good news is that if you lose money, you don’t have to pay back anything.

Access to any trading instruments. Trading conditions, the interface, and assets are exactly the same as with a live trading account.


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